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About Ewa Farna

Popular Czech singer Ewa Farna will perform in brand new cultural hall O2 universum with symphonic orchestra. “It will be my first and last concert in Prague in 2019,“ says Farna

Unique show will take place on Saturday, December 7, 2019 in O2 universum. It is brand new multifunctional area next to popular O2 arena in Prague. Ewa Farna will be one of the first artists performing there for 3500 fans. Audience will see her third coopeeration with symphonic orchestra after huge success in Ostrava and Karlovy Vary in previous years.

Ewa Farna is one of the most popular Czech and Polish singers. She has been performing since she was 13 years old and has become very interesting performer in last decade. She has recorded eight regular albums so far. Ewa Farna also cooperates with symfonic orchestra.