Ticketpro has become Ticketmaster

And our commitment to fans is stronger than ever

Why the change?

Ticketpro isn’t just changing. We’re improving. We have always focused on delivering the best possible ticketing service to fans. With this in mind we have joined the Ticketmaster family and our name has officially changed to Ticketmaster over the summer of 2018.

Why join Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster is the global leader in ticketing with over 40 years‘ experience across 29 countries, and the company shares the same passion and commitment to fans that we have here at Ticketpro. Ticketmaster provide fans with a ticket buying experience that is as smooth and easy as it can possibly be.

How will our service change?

Becoming part of the Ticketmaster family have enabled us to continue our mission to provide the latest technology, tools and services; offering the best ticket purchasing experience in the Czech Republic.

The team is staying the same. We’re experts in the field, and the only thing changing is that we are now becoming part of a bigger team.

On the surface the only noticeable difference is the change in name and logo. We've launched a new website for you, www.ticketmaster.cz, where you can find the full range of events on offer, which make discovering shows and buying tickets even easier. Our offers are better tailored to the interests of fans, and the choice of tickets are wider than ever.

What is new?

Now that we joined a truly global company, it is easier than ever to purchase a ticket for a show in Prague, London or Barcelona.

We’ll also be introducing more new tools to be able to deliver a world-class ticket purchasing process to enable all fans to unclock an entire world of entertainment.

Frequently asked questions

  • Will I need to create a new account next time a buy tickets?

    If you have purchased tickets with Ticketpro.cz in the last year we will be in touch by email shortly explain how will transfer your account to Ticketmaster. If you need to create a new account it simple to do, only asked for few details and can be done at the time of buying tickets.

  • Information regarding the changed sales system

    Of course, the tickets which you bought within the Ticketpro network remain valid; you can download them, or check the status of your order, at any time after signing in at https://shop.ticketpro.cz/

  • Will I still be able to buy tickets at my local outlet?

    Yes, we are working to try an convert as many outlet as possible. A small number may not choose to operate. We will keep out Outlet Location page update with all outlets available.

  • How do I contact you?

    You can still contact us via email at ticket@ticketmaster.cz.


Tiketpro begins operating and becomes the first fully computerised ticket sales network for Central and Eastern Europe.


First big event for Ticketpro, selling tickets for Metallicaconcert in Brno.


Ticketpro sells tickets for The Rolling Stones concert, event with the larges number of visitors in the Czech Republic up to this date.


Tiketpro becomes Ticketpro to better appeal to fans outside of the Czech Republic.


Ticketpro Club is launched, offering ticket discounts to members.


Ticketpro joins the Ticketmaster family.

Ticketpro is becoming