About us

What is Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster is the global leader in ticketing, with industry-leading technology solutions and unrivaled reach. With over forty years of experience in ticketing, in 2017 Ticketmaster sold over 500 million tickets around the world. The company operates in 29 countries, with the Czech Republic one of the newest additions to the Ticketmaster family.

Ticketpro has joined Ticketmaster to continue delivering the best possible ticketing service to fans. We both share a passion and commitment to fans, and together we can service the Czech Republic even better.

How will the service change?

We are experts in the field, and the only thing changing is that we are now becoming part of a bigger team. We will also be introducing new tools to better deliver a world-class ticket purchase process, and allow every fan to unlock a whole new world of live entertainment.