Cookie policy

Cookies – what is it and what it serves for?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or device. It is stored by a web browser at the request of the individual websites you are viewing. Websites can request the contents of the file. According to him, they will know which pages you have previously visited, whether you have something in the basket or if you are logged in to the Ticketmaster pages. Cookies are required for the proper functioning of most larger sites on the Internet.

What is the purpose of a cookie?

  • Key (functional) cookies - without them, the business will not work properly. For example, you may lose your cart content or will not be able to stay signed in.
  • Analytic - allow you to track site traffic and use of various features. According to them, we are trying to improve our internet shop so that users are more satisfied with it.
  • Tracking, and remarketing - help us optimize your bids for customers and reach them in the ad slots on other websites.
  • Conversion - Used to evaluate how advertising works and the different ways users get on our site.

Disable saving cookies

Common internet browsers allow cookies to be disabled in their settings. See your browser's help for instructions and follow the instructions. Please note that if you disable cookies, you may limit the convenience of buying tickets, for example, by prolonging the purchase time.