DRFG Arena

Křídlovická 34 60300 Brno Czech Republic

DRFG Arena

DRFG Arena

DRFG Arena, also known as Rondo Hall and HC Kometa Brno, is the largest multipurpose arena in Brno. Its construction began in 1972, and the facility was completed in 1982. The DRFG Arena is used to host concerts, training seminars, various sports competitions, performances by dance and ballet ensembles, and much more. The venue has a capacity of 7,700 spectators during hockey games.

The DRFG Arena is situated in an excellent locality in the Old Brno district, near the Brno City Bus and Train Station, at a walking distance of 15 minutes from the city center.

Parking near the arena during large events is complicated. You should park your car at one of the nearby parking facilities and use public transport to travel to the arena. You can use the P+R park lot near the Central Cemetery (177 parking spaces) or the Brno Exhibition Grounds parking facility (850 parking spaces).

Public Transport
Because DRFG Arena is located in the city center, we recommend using public transport or walking. The distance from both the bus and train stations and from Mendlova Square is approximately one kilometer or a three-minute trip by public transport. The arena is served by Buses 44 and 84. Get off at the Křídlovická stop. Another option is to take a streetcar. For bus and streetcar schedules, visit the website of the Brno Transport Authority at www.dpmb.cz .

Past Events
Since its opening, DRFG Arena has hosted numerous sporting and entertainment events. Notable sporting events include the 1982 World Bowling Championships, 1998 Fed Cup quarterfinal match between the Czech Republic and Switzerland, 2007 Santa Claus Cup, Arenacross Rondo Brno, 2008 Jágr Team vs. VSK Technika Brno game, 2009 Fed Cup semifinal match between the Czech Republic and USA, and the 2011 Moravia vs Bohemia Hockey Exhibition.

Bands and performers who have graced DRFG Arena's stage include Alice Cooper, Elán, Judas Priest, Uriah Heep, Lord of the Dance, Kryštof, Karel Gott, Tom Jones, Jean Michael Jarre, Daniel Landa, Alexandrov Ensemble, Gipsy Kings, David Copperfield, and Team.

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